National Seminar - France

As part of the REALISE project, the University Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 organized a national seminar in Paris on 24 January 2018.

This seminar offered the possibility to discuss the results of the survey that was carried out from march to june 2017 among Higher Education staff and International Relations offices.

A repreentative of the French Erasmus+ Agency could give some elements of context and we could also compare the legal national frame with the situation in Norway where some reforms have taken place recently regarding the teaching obligations for higher education professors.

The discussion was enriched by the contribution of several universities who shared some good practices to encourage the staff (particularlay administrative staff) to go on mobility.

We ended the day with a reflexion on how the staff mobility should constitute an added value for the institution rather than only for the individual. This last discussion included position statements from a  Regional education authority representative and the director of the Coimbra Group office.

This seminar was very encouraging for further collaboration with higher education institutions in France on the topic of staff mobility.

REALISE - séminaire CPU
REALISE - séminaire CPU